MGS User Account Application Form

This form should be completed by anyone wishing to be able to download their sequenced gel data from the Massey Genome Service over the Internet. There is no fee for setting up a user account with the MGS, and the service is open to all.

Each sample in a sequencing request results in two files that are available for downloading:

For more details, please consult this page.

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Access rights: It is now possible to make your requests and results data available to other users for download. Any user whose username you list in the box below will be able to see the status of your requests and download your results data from their Results page. Leave this field blank to ensure that you alone can download your data.
NOTE: Access rights apply only to your data -- any user you list below will be able to see your data, but will not be able to see any other users' data that you can see (unless they already had permission from those users directly). In other words, access rights are not transitive.
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Automatic Email Notifications: Ticking the box below will cause you to be automatically notified by email as soon as results become available for one of your requests. These notifications are only ever sent for requests whose results are made available on the web by ticking any of the "Web" or "Website" boxes on the sequencing or genotyping request form.
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MGS Mailing List: The MGS occasionally sends emails regarding important developments to all customers who have submitted requests within the past year. You can opt out of this mailing list by ticking the box below.
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